Trust me fully understand you, I was the exact same child. I began playing maplestory back when I was 10-12 don't remember when exactly but my neighbor and me use to spend hours playing with the game. Some people said we were wasting too much time on that MS2 Mesos game and it sucked but for us Maplestory wasn't only a game for us we met alot of people and we just logged in to talk our friends, I have almost all of them on facebook and talk to them often. I didn't feel embarrassed tho, on the contrary I wish I can go back sometimes, I went back into it a couple of years ago and it was not the same.

I quitted about lvl 75 hermit the game's component was gone everybody just wanted to mill. One of my friends who met in the game knew that were I lived there wasn't any way for me buy nexon cards she bought me personally $20. The point is I wasn't the cool kid at college but wasn't depressed either, the experience as you mentioned made me who I am now and showed me that my real friends are and it sucks your maple experience ended so badly but those moments you spent were a one time thing and trust me that escape from reality occasionally was better than the shitty drama in real life. (F2) emote haha. Also post here on kotaku take it easy with me.Let's proceed to the ridiculousness that is the fall rate of this epic equips in those dungeons. The fall rates are reduced, super low -- so much so that in the present moment some equips are going for 14 million mesos. A daily limit is for the reward from dungeons and a limit. The limit is 10 and per week is 30.

10 dungeons in a few hours may easily conduct rather than get 1 epic fall. There is a high likelihood you'll be pissed at not getting any epic drops or gear that is going to be an improvement from conducting dungeons, because you already have the equips if you are level 50 and operate 30 dungeons in 3 times. The drop rates have to be fixed. I was lucky though not for my class, to receive an epic bow. I exchanged it for my weapon if I was planning to get this drop. My suggestion is the fact that it might be better to remove the weekly limitation entirely and keep it like a player for doing 30 dungeons per week getting rewards.

Dungeons also obtained yet another improvement to include additional restore points that were safe. It revives you nearer before it would put you back far in the dungeon, but .

Other than drop rates the rest of headstart, Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos for epics and the limit was fun and amazing. Having the ability to create my own outfit to wear is pleasure. You have a chance, if you do your dailies. Though even if you do, should you put the items you create up available at the player shop, you have a opportunity to create worth. However, if there is is different styles for weapon templates. Everything is a box with no depth. The weapons you can grab from the game are looking than the one you're able to make because there are far more shapes and fashions.